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Specifications for Becker 385

- Heating Capacity 340m3
- Heat Output  Kcal/h 9400 (BTU/h  37.200)
- All interior components are cast in fine grain high purity castings
- No firebricks are used in a Beckers Heaters
- Door Glasses are made of special heat resistant glass
- Hopper Plate - Adjustable to suit all grades of anthracite  fuelling
- Hopper automatic feed
- Enamel – Highest quality vitreous enamel

Installation Options

Type of installation required will depend on layout of room and other factors.
Beckers professionally trained installers will advice you on the best option for maximum benefit.   

Important Tips

The ashpit door must never be left open once the fire is burning, leaving the door open will cause overheating. This will damage firebox castings and the glasses will distort and discolour. The high heat position must be used with caution. If heater is run on this position for several hours, overheating and damage may occur. If it is found necessary to burn heater continuously on high for long periods, this is due to one of the following reasons:
1.    Heater is too small for area to be heated.
2.    Incorrect installation – (see installation instruction sheet).
3.    Faulty chimney – lack of draught – down draught or air leaking into chimney through cracks in brickwork in chimney or because fireplace has not sealed correctly.
**Important: This can happen after one winter’s use if the control is not fully closed every time the poker is used to clear.

Maintenance Tips

The outside of the heater may be cleaned at anytime after it has been burning at low heat and is no more than warm to touch. Remove any marks on enamel or glass with damp cloth. The glass should be cleaned daily to prevent dust from being burnt onto the glass. The door may be opened for this purpose while the heater is burning. Ensure that the row of holes along the entire width of the basket grate are kept clear of ash at all times, otherwise door glasses may distort – these holes can easily be seen by opening the main glass door.
After Winter
At the end of winter clean heater thoroughly inside and out, service your heater annully. Remove heater, clean chimney elbow of dust and remove the two cleaning covers at the back of the heater, clean all dust and deposits from flues of  heater, replace cleaning covers and remake fire cement seal between flue outlet of heater and chimney elbow. For effective service, contact our office. Please Note: If at any time you detect a strong smell throughout the house – at the same time the heater is not burning well – the heater must be cleaned out as above immediately. Insist on quality – ask for BECKER original parts

Helpful Hints when lighting your heater
The following hints will help to make the operating of your anthracite heater easier and keep the emission of dust and fumes to a minimum:
•    Before lighting always preheat the chimney or flue pipe by burning a few sheets of loosely crumpled paper in the heater.
•    The easiest way to light a heater is with a few firelighters and some charcoal or very dry wood. When the wood catches alight it should create a good bed of coals, add the anthracite until the heater is full as recommended in the instruction.
•    Leave the ash door slightly open whilst starting the fire enabling oxygen to feed the fire. Once the anthracite is burning close the door.
•    Before refueling or cleaning your heater, always turn the heater to a high setting for about 20 minutes to enable the heater and flue to heat up which increases the draught. This means that when you open the top or front of the heater to refuel air will be drawn into the heater instead of smoke escaping. Remember that whenever you open the top door to refuel ensure that the air control and ash door is fully closed. Burning your heater on a high setting for a few minutes also ensures small nuts of anthracite to burn completely, making cleaning much simpler.
•    After shaking the grate or using the poker to move ash into the ash pan, leave the ash door closed for a few minutes to allow the dust to settle.
•    It may happen at times that some anthracite, which has burnt, may solidify or only burn slightly. This may prevent all the ash from being cleared or the anthracite from dropping onto the grate. When cleaning your heater before making the fire, ensure that the grids are free of these small nuts or solidified anthracite. This would enable a greater draught creating a fiercer fire and would also allow for the grid control to move more freely         
**We wish you many warm, happy years of using your heater.**

We can mix and match panel colours as per customer requirement.



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